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Whistleblower Hotline & Case Management

Receive, Investigate and Resolve Cases Quickly and Effectively.

No missing documentation, no searching for emails.  Case information is collected in a centralized case file and every activity is logged to ensure an auditable record of the investigation. With everything in one place, you can create comprehensive investigation reports with a single click.

Whistleblowing Hotline & Case Management Features:

  • Capture incidents and whistleblower reports online or via our multilingual telephone service.
  • Route cases, communicate with investigators, and attach relevant documentation all in one central location.
  • Guarantee confidentiality by granting only specific team members access to case files.
  • Create investigation reports on activity history and outcome.
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Open-up safe whistleblowing channels and encourage reporting to make sure you don’t miss out on any case.


Track and record investigation notes, attach evidence, track activities and outcomes related to your investigation in one central location.


Automatic reminders will spare you the time and pain of ensuring that investigations are on course.

Employees can speak up safely and in their own language

Allow employees to securely and confidentially report and follow up on cases online or via our telephone hotline.

Reporting pages are configurable and supported by a multi-language function. Likewise, reports through GAN’s Hotline can be submitted around the clock and in more than 240 different languages.

Open a secure communication line with the whistleblower

Once the whistleblower has submitted the case, investigators can continue the dialogue and ask follow-up questions. Thanks to the module’s two-way communication tool, whistleblowers and investigators can communicate anonymously and exchange further vital details on the case.

Track and record progress of investigations all in one centralized case file

Route cases by category or location to responsible investigators and communicate with them on a particular case, all the while keeping relevant documentation attached.

Monitor and follow up with ease

Send automatic reminders, alerts, and escalations to the responsible person or re-assign cases to new investigators to ensure investigations stay on track.

One click away from comprehensive investigation reports

Timeline and activity history keeps auditable trail of the case, allowing you to generate reports in just a single click.

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