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A collection of free downloadable ebooks, webinars, blog articles, and more.

Best Practices in Policy and Exception Requests

Discover how to properly channel exception requests to ensure that employees can carry out business operations, even when faced with challenging situations.


Best Practices in Case Management

Gain insight into how you can efficiently collect, sort and prioritize cases to then appropriately escalate, investigate, and recommend follow-up actions.


Best Practices for Risk Assessments

Risk assessments present compliance professionals with the complicated task of tailoring the assessment of every risk to its specific details, including third parties and whistleblower retaliation.


Anatomy of an Effective Compliance Training Program

GAN transforms the way compliance programs operate by bringing together all of your critical compliance systems, documents, and data into a single, fully-integrated platform.


Best Practices Guidelines on Reporting and Monitoring

Thoughtfully design and implement adequate reporting and monitoring processes to spare you the task of gathering and analyzing data to detect and mitigate potential risks.


The Definitive Guide to Due Diligence Automation

Gain visibility and control over your entire due diligence framework, and allow you to tailor the perfect due diligence program for your organization.


The Definitive Guide to Creating an Effective Compliance Policy

Gain insight into how to efficiently create policies to keep up with the pressing compliance demand on organizations operating in a highly regulated and risk-fraught global environment.


New Guide:
Are you ready?

SAPIN II is now the law of the land. What are the full implications of the legislation and what impact does it have on French companies or those looking to move into the French market?


A Blueprint for an Effective Compliance Program

Discover how to build an effective compliance program, from policy management, employee training and awareness, conducting due diligence, and more.


La loi Sapin II est entrée en vigueur. Êtes-vous prêt ?

La loi Sapin II est entrée en vigueur en Juin 2017 et impose l’établissement d’un programme de prévention et de détection de la corruption aux seins des sociétés.


The Chief Compliance Officer’s
Guide to GDPR

As the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) hurdles toward its implementation deadline of May 25, 2018, The CCO’s Guide to GDPR aims to clear up common issues and more.


Corruption Risks: European Regional Report

Corruption Risks & Market Competitiveness Report

Gain a clear picture of corruption levels across Europe and identify obstacles to the competitiveness of your business.


The FCPA Enforcement Policy: How to Put it to Good Use

The FCPA Enforcement Policy

Gain a clear picture of corruption levels across Europe and identify obstacles to the competitiveness of your business.


A Detailed Look at Third Parties: Onboarding to Monitoring

A Detailed Look at Third Parties: From Onboarding to Monitoring

Understand how to set up an effective monitoring process that blends seamlessly with onboarding and doesn’t cause tons of extra work for your team.


Webinar: Anatomy of an Effective Compliance Training Program

A 30-minute break down of the complexities surrounding compliance training programs and discover practical tools on how you can optimize your training program.

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Webinar: Sapin II is
Here: Are You Ready?

Watch this 45-minute webinar recording discussing SAPIN II and gain insight into the full implications of the legislation.

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Webinar: Navigating Risks in Europe

Navigating Compliance Risks in Europe

Watch the 45-minute on-demand webinar discussing European compliance risks and considerations when establishing a compliance program to meet European compliance standards.

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Webinar: Common Due Diligence Pitfalls

Common Due Diligence Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them

Watch the 60-minute on-demand webinar discussing suggesting best practices and practical recommendations to help businesses address the complex demand for third-party due diligence.

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