Why Go With GAN Over NAVEX?

Your whistleblower hotline and case management process is critical to your compliance program and organization’s success. Selecting the right tool can make all the difference.

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To start, we want to applaud the team at NAVEX.

They have built a solid solution and have been the industry’s go-to whistleblower hotline for years. With that said, you’re likely here because you are considering multiple vendors.

So, what’s the difference between

If you are looking for a whistleblower hotline and case management solution the biggest difference you will find between GAN and NAVEX is our technology. GAN is a technology-first software company that is passionate about building integrated solutions for forward-thinking compliance teams.

We know you have a handful of options when it comes to selecting the right investigations solution. Here’s a few things you should know when comparing our technology to NAVEX’s.

Reason 1

GAN Puts Technology First

Compliance professionals are agile, flexible, and innovative, so we think the technology they rely on should be too.

Our goal is to be the most functional case management solution on the market. Which is why we focus on technology—and only technology. By intentionally not running our own hotlines, we have become compliance workflow experts. We are specialists not generalists, if you will.

However, while technology is the backbone of any great compliance program, we are aware that compliance teams need more than just robust solutions to be successful. To ensure your team’s needs are being met, we partner with some of the best organizations in the industry to deliver premium services.

Our Hotline Partners

Through these partnerships, we provide an end-to-end whistleblower hotline and case management solution that works seamlessly together. With GAN, you’ll never have to worry about connectivity issues again. Our partners provide best-in-class telephony services and we handle the flawless routing of your cases.

Reason 2

A Flexible Tool That Sets You Up For Long-Term Success

With GAN, there’s no need to change your existing processes. We believe that compliance technology should adapt to your needs—not the other way around—which is why our platform is powered by flexible workflows that will not only simplify your processes, but also enable you to scale when needed.

Case management workflows will become the centerpiece of your investigations process and help you accomplish complex logistics that were previously unattainable. You can customize your case management process to be as elaborate or simple as you want.

Our solution ensures that you always route cases to the right person. Whether you need to alert a manager, route to the assigned investigator, or grant access to external stakeholders, our tool can accommodate all your user governance needs. Our platform is designed to mitigate change management and set you up for long-term success.

Speaking of long-term success, our integrated approach to compliance management will empower you to build out future processes on the same platform. By bringing all your compliance processes (due diligence, conflicts of interest, risk management, etc) on to the same platform you reduce the amount of training needed and keeps all of your data under one roof, which makes program-wide analytics and reports possible. Our platform is an innovative and integrated solution that will truly move the needle for your team.

Reason 3

GAN Is Committed To Your Success

We are a smaller and more agile organization, which we see as an advantage. At GAN, we know our customers names and try to anticipate their needs. Being a smaller (but growing) vendor allows us to offer personalized solutions to every single customer.

Say goodbye to bad customer service experiences. GAN arms you with a team of professionals ready to assist with your every need. Our customer success team will lead you through every step of deploying your investigations process throughout your organization. Once you’re up and running, we transition you to our support team, who are available around the clock. On top of support, you will have an account manager who will check-in to ensure things are going smoothly. With GAN, you have an entire team ready to support your hotline and case management process.

We are here to help you navigate any questions you have from the moment we begin implementation to the unexpected changes you need to make at an ungodly hour, GAN has you covered.

Reason 4

Leverage An Intuitive Platform

At GAN, user experience is number one. Our investigations solution is designed to be user-friendly and self-sufficient. Don’t believe us? See the difference for yourself.

Our platform is intuitive for you and your employees to use. This means no lengthy training sessions to get your organization up to speed. The only training that should be happening is within our platform, not on how to use it.

Our reporting channels, including telephony lines and web intake forms, all are easily accessible to your employees and are straightforward for them to use. In moments of crisis, this ease of use can be the difference between an employee successfully reporting an incident or deciding against it. User experience can sometimes seem like a “nice to have” when it comes to your compliance technology, but we believe in order to drive meaningful adoption, it is essential.

Reason 5

Compliance Is In Our DNA

Although you’ve heard of GAN, you may not have known that we got our start back in 2004 when the company was founded by a renowned human rights activist. We launched the Business Anti-Corruption Portal which became one of the world’s largest and most recognizable resources on the topic. Having our roots in anti-corruption has shaped our culture and employees alike. This concept even inspired our mission: Empowering organizations to do the right thing. When we succeed in accomplishing this, there is no limit to the good we can impact within companies, business at large, and the world.

17 years later, we’ve been around the block enough times to deeply understand the compliance function’s needs, wants, and priorities. We are proud to call some of the biggest and brightest companies in the world our customers. What started off as a hunch (that compliance officers need connected solutions), has transformed into our north star.

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Our Technology is Fundamentally Different

Integrated Compliance Management

With our Integrated Compliance Management (ICM) platform, you can build a closed-loop solution for every compliance process. We offer a unique approach to compliance technology that transforms the way your program operates by bringing together critical systems, documents, and data into a single, fully integrated cloud-based solution.

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To harness meaningful insights from your program, we built GANalytics: a suite of dashboards that allows your team to visualize data, share reports, and turn information into data-driven decisions. These dashboards help take the guesswork out of compliance operations and leverage a state-of-the-art reporting and analytics platform to drive meaningful impact.

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Why Enterprise Compliance Teams Are Switching to GAN

A platform built under one roof

Our case management solution works seamlessly through common objects that allow data to flow through multiple processes. The result? A more connected and powerful compliance program that drives results.

Enterprise-ready solutions

Our platform is designed for large organizations to thrive. Our solution is flexible enough for the requirements of today and is prepared for the changes of tomorrow, allowing you to embrace organizational and regulatory changes.

Future-proof your program

With a suite of compliance solutions you can grow into over time, GAN is a long-term solution to your program’s technology needs. Have a unique process you need to automate? We offer custom process solutions that are perfectly tailored to your organization.

Best-in-class compliance programs are powered by cutting-edge technology

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