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Manage conflicts of interest plus gifts and entertainment requests.

Optimize reporting and approval processes to open a direct line of communication with employees. 

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Transform requests for both employees and compliance teams with automated reporting and approval processes. With Requests, you can effectively manage all requests in a simple and intuitive interface, and save time spent on administrative functions. Enable employees and managers to submit, review, reject or approve requests through self-serve accounts, accessible from any device.

Simplify reporting with a user-friendly employee interface and watch your reporting rates increase

  • Exchange cumbersome spreadsheets for web-based gifts and entertainment request forms
  • Replicate and customize request forms as you see fit
  • Allow employees to attach relevant documentation by integrating the platform with expense management systems

Directly communicate with employees

  • Enable employees to submit requests from any device at any time
  • Allow the approver and requester to exchange additional clarification through the platform’s messaging capabilities
  • Access all conversation timelines and auditable historical comments on the messaging tool

Govern approval processes effectively and efficiently

  • Set automatic approvals for requests that fall below preset thresholds
  • Automatically identify and notify approvers when requests are submitted
  • Delegate approval authority to local compliance managers or business units across departments and geographies
  • Enable approvers to access and review relevant documentation before approving or rejecting requests
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Track trends and identify risks

  • Filter requests based on type, and offer or demand
  • Use the platform’s automated charts to spot which geographies, employees, or third parties present high risks
  • Aggregate and analyze the data and generate easy-to-read reports

Transform the way you manage requests for both employees and managers.

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