The Best Practices for Conducting Risk Assessments is a valuable resource for compliance officers struggling to set a clear scope for their risk assessment. Ranging from business locations, third parties, whistleblower retaliation and much more, risk assessments present compliance professionals with the complicated task of tailoring the assessment of every risk to its specific details.

This free guide will help you address this imperative by showing you how to:

  •      Tailor your risk assessment to company risks
  •      Establish an efficient methodology for conducting risk assessments
  •      Scope your assessment of risks
  •      Gather the correct types of information
  •      Measure risks effectively
  •      End with useful results

Download the guide to your right to gain more insight into conducting a successful risk assessment.

Who this is for: Compliance officers, compliance managers and other professionals who seek to build the foundation of a successful compliance program.

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