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Due Diligence

Streamline and enhance third party due diligence.

GAN’s Due Diligence module is a full-featured third-party management system. Set up automated risk-based workflows for the request, evaluation, approval, and monitoring of third parties. Third party approval requests are stored automatically for review via a secure management portal. Internal requesters and third parties also receive self-serve accounts, accessible from desktop or mobile devices. Maintain a full overview of your entire third-party population from one central portal.

Due Diligence Features:

  • Manage an end-to-end due diligence process from request, evaluation, approval, and monitoring of business partners.
  • Implement risk-based third-party due diligence processes appropriate to your company and its unique circumstances.
  • Complete background screenings, questionnaires, and gather essential documentation automatically.
  • Keep oversight of all screenings and evaluations from one single portal while maintaining a comprehensive audit trail.
  • Initiate higher levels of due diligence through our partnership Control Risks, the leading global risk consultant with presence throughout the globe.

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Quickly set up standard, risk-based processes for requesting, evaluating, and monitoring business partners and document all your due diligence activities in one place


Automatically adapt your due diligence processes to the third-party’s risk level thanks to fully integrated background screenings and intake questionnaires.


Conduct full due diligence of high-risk business partners with in-depth questionnaires, enhanced background checks, and red flag checklists.


Focus in on the progress of single evaluations or get an overview of your entire third-party population while summarizing risk screenings into easy to read profiles.

Scope third-party risk assessments.

Assess the initial level of corruption risk associated with individual third parties using simple pre-set parameters to make a preliminary determination of which third parties should be subject to due diligence.

Create web-based questionnaires.

Roll-out online questionnaires to be completed by the business unit looking to hire the third party or the candidate third parties. The web-based questionnaires function as a risk rating tool and can be translated into multiple languages.

Source defensible third-party evaluations.

Screen third parties thanks to fully integrated, internet, database, and media searches. Data verification workflows help reviewers to quickly identify gaps or inconsistencies in the information collected through internal and external questionnaires. Easily cross- check collected data to help reviewers ensure they have a “complete and honest picture” of the proposed third party’s background and integrity profile.

Control Risks

Dig deeper with Control Risks reports

To ensure you see the full picture with your third parties, we’ve partnered with Control Risks. Now you can request higher level reports straight from the platform and can access top-notch consulting with the click of a button.

Set up approval workflows.

Build third-party approval workflows by adapting the due diligence process to the risk assessment: Employ one level of approvals (with optional automatic approvals) for low-risk third parties and escalate approvals for medium-to-high-risk third parties. Assign permission rights to the proper employees to approve and review.

Design post-approval mitigations.

Support the implementation of a post-approval assurance program by conducting ongoing internet and database searches to identify new red flags. Schedule training, policy certification campaigns, and certification of compliance with applicable anti-corruption laws as well as renewals or updates of the risk assessment and due diligence processes.

Monitoring reports.

Tens, hundreds or thousands of third parties: the platform’s filtering and reporting capabilities allow you to keep control over all approval flows. Zoom in on the progress of a single evaluation or get an overview of the entire third party population.

Fully Integrated background screenings, summarized
into easy to read profiles.

The system includes fully integrated internet, database, and media background checks based on 6 million+ profiles from 100,000+ unique sources that are transparently sourced and summarized into easy-to-read profiles, available in 77 Languages.

400+ Government, Regulatory, Disciplinary Lists

  • Global Sanctions List

  • Securities Exchange actions
  • Fugitive lists
  • Exclusions lists
  • Fraud warnings
  • Debarment lists
  • Disciplinary actions
  • Enforcement actions
  • Law Enforcement
  • Press

Adverse Media

  • Daily media scanning includes newspapers, magazines, TV / radio, transcripts, etc. from over 100,000 sources
  • Screened over 2.5 billion media articles to establish world’s most formidable “negative news” franchise
  • Largest collection of terrorists, fraudsters, criminals, sex offenders, influencers

Politically Exposed Persons

  • Government Officials
  • Senior legislative branch, military & judicial figures
  • State-controlled businesses in key sectors & key executives
  • Ambassadors & top diplomatic officials
  • Family, associates & advisors
  • Multi-national organizations and associated leadership
  • Data is highly structured by position
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