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Compliance can be complex. Third-party due diligence shouldn’t be.

Customize a risk-based approach with our easy to use, rules-based system.

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Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Adopt a risk-based approach when conducting third party due diligence and ensure that you are allocating the adequate amount of diligence to relevant risks. Customize due diligence workflows to obtain a complete overview of your third party’s integrity profile. Manage the whole process from request and evaluation to approval and monitoring with an easy to use, rules-based system.

See the full picture with end-to-end due diligence

  • Focus on the analysis, filter out the noise, and access actionable reports
  • Combine time-consuming compliance tasks into simple, automated workflows
  • Set filters to ensure you are only receiving information on relevant risks
  • Initiate higher levels of due diligence with Control Risks
  • Access fully integrated background screenings with RDC (Regulatory DataCorp)
Control Risks
Due Diligence Workflow

Take control of your due diligence process

  • Update or make changes to questionnaires and custom reports
  • Effortlessly evaluate and make decisions about relationships
  • Build rules, dashboards, and workflows that fit your program’s processes
  • Approve, reject, or add mitigations that may be required
  • Create board-ready reports to track KPIs and ensure the program is running effectively

Manage all third-parties in a single view

  • Filter third parties by owner, geography, risk level and more
  • Customize workflows to be as simple or complex as you need
  • Push third parties into low, medium, or high risk buckets to ensure the proper review
  • Upload everything related to the third party and store in one location
  • Review where third parties are in the approval process with ease
Due Diligence Status
Audit Trail

Migrate all of your current third-party data with ease

  • Seamlessly transfer all the data you already have via import, export, and API
  • Store all of your historical data in a single system of record
  • Always know exactly where all third-party data is stored
  • Smooth global deployment with translations into multiple languages

Ready to streamline your third-party due diligence?

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