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Training is necessary for effective anti-corruption compliance. Check out these free demos of our compliance training courses.

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FCPA Training Course

The FCPA training course covers the fundamentals of the FCPA, including key provisions on facilitation payments. After taking this course, you or your employees will understand what constitutes bribery, how to make sure any gifts, entertainment, and hospitality offered to business partners do not run afoul of the FCPA, and what obligations you have when using third parties.

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GDPR Training Course

The GDPR training course covers fundamentals of the GDPR, its key principles, the scope of application, and sanctions. After taking the course, you’ll be able to differentiate between personal data and sensitive personal data, handle and process personal data in accordance with the data processing principles of the GDPR, and understand the severe consequences of breaching the GDPR.

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Personal Data Protection Training Course

The course covers: Personal and sensitive data, threats to the safety of data and IT protocols on data security.

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Cybersecurity Training Course

The course provides training on how to keep digital information from unauthorized access, such as good password management and responding to phishing attempts.

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Code of Conduct Training Course

This course provides a general guide to employees on how they should behave when faced with corrupt demands or situations where corruption might occur.

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Fraud Awareness Training Course

The course covers: Procurement Fraud, Billing Schemes and CEO Fraud. The aim of the course is to raise awareness of fraud threats out there and to increase our resistance to those threats.

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Antitrust / Competition Law Training Course

The course covers: Cartels, Abuse of a Dominant Position and Interacting with Authorities.

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Ethics & Integrity Training Course

The course covers: Personal and Business ethics. The course provides you an ethical decision making checklist to use when faced with an ethical dilemma.

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Anti-Corruption Training Course

E-learning is an effective and easy first step towards anti-corruption compliance. Kickstart your compliance program with this Anti-Corruption Training Course.

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Test your corruption knowledge!

Just for Fun: Corruption Quizzes
The quizzes below should not be used for legal purposes and is not a substitute for legal advice

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What is Corruption?

There is no globally accepted definition of corruption. Transparency International defines corruption as ‘the abuse of entrusted power for personal gain’.

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