Remote Investigations, the Me Too Movement, and Being a Business Enabler

Andria Kelly, Starbucks

What impact has the Me Too movement and the global pandemic had on remote investigations? Tune in to hear all of that and more on Risky Business.


In this episode, hosts Adam Kaiser and Jordan Feise sit down with Andria Kelly, Director of Ethics and Compliance, Anti-Corruption, and Investigations at Starbucks. Andria’s career began as a lawyer in a medium-sized firm, but she found her passion for compliance when she joined the investigations department at Microsoft. 

Andria’s focus is on prevention, but what happens when that’s no longer an option? In this episode, you’ll hear how she responded to a contentious situation with a high-ranking and well-connected individual, and how the pandemic has affected her approach to risk management. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of understanding the business you’re in
  • Supporting your employees leads to better performance
  • Why you should show your human side

What to listen for:

  • [06:35] Andria’s “Oh shit” moment
  • [11:07] Andria’s proudest career moment
  • [15:12] Risk management in a pandemic
  • [17:21] Advice for practitioners starting out

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