Mergers and Acquisitions, Fighting Fires, and Driving Business Outcomes

Stacey Hannah, Lonza

How can compliance teams going through a merger or acquisition ensure the process goes smoothly and the two organizations become stronger together?


While many compliance officers are former litigators, Stacey Hanna, General Counsel on Ethics and Compliance at Lonza, is not. Rather, Stacey went into mergers and acquisitions and found herself in compliance by accident.

Stacey’s experience on the business side gave her a unique perspective on compliance and its ability to drive business outcomes, but she still thinks that most compliance teams need to get out of “firefighter mode”. 

In this episode, Stacey sits down with hosts Adam Kaiser and Jordan Feise to share her story and how it gave her a fresh perspective on what it means to be a compliance practitioner.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Compliance is about more than fighting fires
  • Risk mitigation drives business outcomes
  • “Best practices” aren’t always the best

What to listen for:

  • [00:43] – What’s new in compliance? With Jordan and Adam
  • [08:19] – Stacey’s “Oh shit” moment
  • [09:40] – Advice for compliance practitioners going through a merger or acquisition
  • [11:02] – Stacey’s proudest moment
  • [19:28] – What to do when you’re just starting out in compliance

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