Compliance Data, Raising the Bar, and Presenting to the DOJ

Alan Gibson, Microsoft

How does the founder of a sales company end up leading a compliance data and analytics program at Microsoft? That's exactly what you'll hear in the first episode of the Risky Business podcast.


In this episode, Alan Gibson, Assistant General Counsel of Compliance and Ethics for Microsoft, joins hosts Adam Kaiser and Jordan Feise. Alan’s career began in business, where he ran an international sales company before pursuing a law degree.

After joining Microsoft, he found himself developing and implementing a program to analyze compliance data, despite having no experience in data or analytics. As the conversation unfolds, you’ll hear how Alan tackled this unexpected challenge, and how the digital transformation can give you a comprehensive view of your compliance data.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  1. How to start small
  2. The importance of an in-depth understanding of the problem
  3. How speaking the language of ‘business’ impacts success

What to listen for…

  • [00:45] – What’s new in compliance? With Jordan and Adam
  • [05:59] – Alan’s “Oh shit” moment
  • [15:43] – Alan’s proudest moment
  • [22:54] – Advice from Alan
  • [24:58] – Compliance and COVID

Tune in wherever you listen…