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Compliance Management Solutions.

Management is the heart and soul of GAN Connect. Think of it as command central for your compliance program. No more spreadsheets, disconnected systems, or manual processes. Everything you need to manage your program in one place (finally).

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Managing your entire compliance program just got easier

  • Oversee policies, training, due diligence, investigations, risks and requests in one place.
  • Combine time-consuming compliance tasks into simple, automated workflows.
  • Get a comprehensive view of your entire compliance program in one dashboard.
  • Empower employees to find what they need, when they need it with their own accounts.
Employee Portal


Manage your entire program

GAN Connect allows teams to easily manage all compliance functions under one roof. Discover the six integrated modules to learn more.


Empower your organization

Giving employees their own login allows them to proactively sign policies and complete trainings.


Know the next steps

Workflows let both parties understand where the relationship is at. Third parties can easily take the next step towards doing business with your organization.

Customize with ease

Tailor GAN Connect to flawlessly compliment your program. Customizations are intuitive and able to be completed by an admin, not a help desk.

Customize with Ease

Provide a high-quality experience

GAN’s six modules are refreshingly easy to use. Not only can you enhance your processes but you will easily be able to navigate doing so.

Automate tasks to save time

Combine time-consuming tasks into simple, automated campaigns. Frustrating processes (like getting employees to sign policies or complete training) now take minutes, not weeks.


Ready to discover GAN Connect?

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