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Compliance Management Services.

Think about us as an extension of your compliance team. We’re your teammates in another office, supporting your goals.

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You’re building a cutting-edge compliance program. We are here to help.

Experience a personalized approach to implementation and on-going compliance management services. Our white glove approach goes above and beyond weekly calls to ensure you receive the support you need to build a forward-thinking compliance program.

Compliance Consultant
Compliance Consultant
Your compliance consultant is a compliance expert – typically a staff attorney that helps you clarify your compliance program goals, create strategies to achieve them, and get the most out of GAN’s platform.
Customer Success Manager
Customer Success Manager
Your Customer Success Manager is a day-to-day resource responsible for everything from getting you up and running, training admins, onboarding users to helping you create policies and fielding inquiries from your employees.

The Compliance Success Cycle



First, we do some digging. We’ll help you clarify your processes, policies, and trainings, recommend appropriate improvements, and develop a plan that makes sense for your particular circumstances.



Next, it’s time to get you setup. We’ll do the heavy lifting related to uploading your policies, customizing eLearning courses, setting up campaigns, and more—we’ll take as much off your plate as possible.



We understand the value of data and we’ll work with you to get all your data into the system. This includes securing and formatting employee and organizational data and importing what’s important to you—in a clean and consistent format.



Offering virtual and live options for application training, our Customer Experience team trains our customers on setup and configuration, followed by training for administrative users.



We provide every customer valuable insight regarding their rollout, including communication strategies to help facilitate a seamless launch.



We believe in metrics, visibility, and rapid iteration. We will continually review what’s working and what’s not, and work with you to tweak your program into perfection.

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