Should CCOs Become Cyber-Governance Czars and Czarinas?

Bailey Bliss

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In the past few months, The Atlantic, the New York Times, and Time have all featured stories on professional reinvention — changing course at some point during one’s career. It’s a timely topic as employers increasingly adapt to talented individuals’ needs or wishes to work differently, in terms of time, place and subject matters.

Some changes can be dramatic, such as going from a city health care practice to becoming a butcher in the countryside. Other re-inventions can be less dramatic and involve staying in the same job at the same company but taking on an entirely different additional responsibility.

Some CCOs with legal training are already doing this by taking on corporate secretary duties. Other compliance officers are participating in internal audit activities, to get hands-on controls assessment experience.

One emerging corporate need is particularly well-suited to the CCO’s skill set: Cyber-Governance Czar or Czarina.

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