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[Podcast] The Evolution of Compliance

By GAN Integrity (Updated )

The compliance industry is constantly evolving.

Once upon a time, the only technology available was point-solutions that addressed one specific functionality—but that is no longer the case. Compliance technology has become more advanced and is becoming increasingly more focused on solving holistic compliance challenges. With this shift in technology, comes massive opportunities for compliance officers.

To address this shift, we partnered with Thomas Fox, The Compliance Evangelist, to discuss some of the major changes currently happening in the compliance space. One of the biggest trends in compliance has become the connectivity, or lack thereof, of the technology that supports your program. Over these five podcast episodes, we explore why compliance is disconnected (and what can be done to connect it), how to build a connected compliance program, the role technology plays, and the human side of compliance. This series is an exploration of where compliance is going in 2019 and where it is headed down the road.

Listen to this podcast series in its entirety or tune in whenever is the most convenient for you. We hope you enjoy this series and gain a deeper understanding of how compliance, and the technology that supports the function, is evolving.

The Evolution of Compliance

Part 1 – Disconnected Compliance

Thomas Fox kicks off the podcast by chatting with Valerie Charles, Chief Strategy Officer at GAN Integrity. They discuss why so many programs today are disconnected and examine the impact that organizational silos can have on compliance functions.

Part 2 – Compliance Connected

In the second episode, Thomas Fox visits with Thomas Sehested, the founder and CEO at GAN Integrity, and gets his perspective as a serial entrepreneur in the tech sector. Listen now to see why Thomas says “getting everything under one roof” is critical to executing a successful compliance program.

Part 3 – Constructing a Connected Program

Listen to Peter Chang, the Head of Customer Success at GAN Integrity, discuss how to construct a connected compliance program. Learn why there is no one-size-fits-all approach to building an effective program. This means for every company, type, and size, there are varying degrees of connected systems.

Part 4 – How Connected Technology Works

In the fourth episode, Thomas visits with Martin Albertsen, the Chief Technology Officer at GAN Integrity, to understand the role of technology has in a connected program. Unsurprisingly, Martin brings a heavy technological perspective to the conversation and dives into why software must work for you and not the other way around.

Part 5 – The Human Side of Connected Compliance

In this fifth and final episode, Thomas Fox visits with Valerie Charles, the Chief Strategy Officer at GAN Integrity, about the human side of connected compliance. Listen now and learn why the human side of compliance will never go away, even as technological solutions become more advanced.


We hope you enjoyed these insights into the evolution of compliance and gained a better understanding of how compliance technology is changing. Want more audio content from Thomas Fox and the GAN team? Check out our other 5-part podcast series on How Compliance Technology Creates Business Efficiency.

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