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[Podcast] How Tech Informs Compliance to Create Business Efficiency with Thomas Fox

By GAN Integrity

How do technology and compliance work together? In order to meaningfully explore this topic and understand the relationship between tech and compliance, Thomas Fox launched a five-part podcast series. In this series, he interviews a few of the leaders at GAN Integrity for their insights.

Thomas Fox is widely known as the compliance evangelist. In addition to having practiced law for 34 years, he has written many books on compliance including the international best-seller Lessons Learned on Compliance and Ethics. During these podcasts, Tom chats with Thomas Sehested, CEO and Co-Founder of GAN, Valerie Charles, CSO and General Counsel at GAN, and Peter Chang, Head of Customer Success of GAN. Each of these 10-minute episodes takes a deep dive into one aspect of the relationship between technology and compliance.

[Podcast] How Tech Informs Compliance to Create Business Efficiency with Thomas Fox

Whether you listen to them back to back or piecemeal them out throughout your commute, we hope you enjoy GAN’s very first podcast feature.

From Tech to Compliance

Tom Fox and Thomas Sehested discuss why compliance is critical for any global organization and how technology allows compliance to gain more visibility within organizations.

From Compliance to Tech

Valerie Charles and Tom Fox chat about how the dire need for automation extracted Valerie out of her career in traditional white-collar crime and pivoted her into pioneering technology solutions for her peers.

Greater Efficiency to Profitably

Thomas Sehested shares his thoughts on how compliance can transition into being a business enabler through the proper use of data.

Continuous Improvement Through a Tech Solution Provider

Tom Fox interviews Peter Chang to get his perspective on how compliance teams successfully adopt technology solutions. Plus, learn what it means to take the ‘GAN approach’ to compliance.

A Bird's Eye View of Compliance

To wrap up the podcast series, Valerie Charles and Tom Fox discuss how gaining organizational buy-in can make a big difference in how the compliance function is viewed internally.

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