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Meet Disconnected Dan & Connected Compliance Cathy

By GAN Integrity (Updated )

When compliance teams are vetting new technology solutions, they have many options available to them. From point-solutions that address one specific aspect of compliance to all-in-one solutions, compliance officers have many considerations to address when purchasing new technology. (For a deep dive on this topic, we suggest checking out The Buyer’s Guide to Compliance Technology)

At GAN, we like to prioritize connectivity. Our mission is to make the compliance officer’s job easier while enhancing the compliance function by giving them a seat at the table. With data from our platform, compliance teams have the analytics they need to shift their internal reputation from reactive to proactive. We are focused on building a compliance solution that does it all, and keeps all of your important data in one, easily-accessible place.

Meet Disconnected Dan and Connected Cathy

In compliance, we believe there are two ways to do things: disconnected and connected. We called upon our friends, Disconnected Dan and Connected Cathy, to help us illustrate what we mean. Watch the video below and meet two compliance officers who take different approaches to their technology solutions. Are you a Disconnected Dan or are you a Connected Cathy?

The Future is Connected Compliance

After watching the video, take a moment to think about the compliance technology that supports your program. Do you have multiple logins to various solutions? Is your data spread out across various tools? Is reporting on your program holistically a headache? If any of Disconnected Dan’s hurdles sound familiar, it might be time to consider a connected tool.

Learn more about GAN Connect to see how you can gather all of your compliance functions under one roof. GAN Connect is comprised of Due Diligence, Risk, Investigations, Requests, Policy, and Training modules. Request a custom demo of GAN Connect today, and stay tuned for more from our new friends, Disconnected Dan and Connected Cathy.

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