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GAN Integrity Obtains Privacy Shield Certification

By Miriam Konradsen Ayed

GAN Integrity is pleased to announce that we are now Privacy Shield Certified.

What does it mean?

In general terms, the Privacy Shield certification ensures a company is compliant with the US-EU directives prohibiting the international export of data unless the recipients implement adequate protection of the data. The requirements to be enforced under the Privacy Shield apply to both controllers and processors and impose stricter data protection obligations on US organizations that handle EU personal data. This means that even when GAN Integrity is compliant with EU data protection regulations, we, as a Privacy Shield certified company, must also ensure that any processor to which we disclose personal data is also compliant.

Why Privacy Shield?

GAN Integrity sought Privacy Shield certification because, as a compliance company, we want to invest in the trust of our customers and our employees. In the realm of compliance technology, we deal with large amounts of data daily, and it is, therefore, important for us that our clients and coworkers know that we handle personal data with great care.

Why does Privacy Shield certification matter for our clients?

We protect your data.

Ownership of customer data is limited to a relevant purpose for which the data was collected and can be returned or deleted once GAN Integrity is no longer on the Privacy Shield list of certified companies. Our privacy policies list the type of personal data we collect and the purposes for which they’re collected. In case the personal data we handle is disclosed to an external processor, we identify the processor and the purpose for which we disclose the data in question.

We protect your right to opt-out.

GAN Integrity’s policies state how individuals can exercise their right to access their data and specify ways of opting out of disclosures to third-party controllers. Individuals are also provided with the opt-out option when they perceive that their information is being used for a materially different purpose than the one specified when the data was first collected.

We protect your right to complain and to obtain a remedy.

Customers have access to several redress mechanisms in case of a breach of personal data protection including a fast, internal complaints procedure. Data protection authorities, as well as the Department of Commerce, oversee data protection complaints and the processing of employee data. Redress can be sought through the privacy Shield ombudsman or the Privacy Shield Panel, made up of 20 arbitrators with arbitration decisions being enforceable in US courts under the Federal arbitration act.

As a company with Privacy Shield certification, GAN integrity will be subject to annual compliance assessments and will have to seek annual recertification with the Department of Commerce to remain included on the list of certified companies.

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