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What We Do

At GAN, we are reinventing the way compliance teams work.

Why Compliance Software?

Compliance teams today are savvy, and the technology they rely on should be too. By bringing together all critical functions into one connected platform, our software is simplifying compliance programs globally. GAN offers a unique compliance management platform that transforms the way compliance programs operate by bringing together critical systems, documents, and data into a single, fully integrated SaaS solution. GAN Connect includes six integrated modules: Due Diligence, Risk, Training, Policy, Requests, and Hotline. On top of that, we address some of the biggest hurdles compliance teams face today including process management and reporting.

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Compliance Reimagined

With a modern platform like GAN’s, it’s easy for compliance teams to have meaningful integration and transparency with business counterparts like Human Resources, Finance, Vendor Management, and Procurement.

GAN is proud to be a part of the compliance community, providing technology and thought leadership that will elevate our profession.

Because Great Products Emerge from the Best Content

GAN produces the Business Anti-Corruption Portal, a renowned resource with corruption reports on more than 100 countries around the world, due diligence tools, free online training, and guidance on anti-corruption legislation. The Business Anti-Corruption Portal receives more than 70,000 visits per month.

Business Anti-Corruption Portal

GAN’s Team of Experts

We are a diverse team of compliance lawyers, technology experts, and researchers combining our expertise to bring organizations the best solution in the world for compliance automation and management.


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